WhatsApp Marketing

Connect your customer to the world best messaging app

Leverage the power of the world’s leading messaging app, Whatsapp, to connect your customers with the Whatsapp API and its messaging solution. By utilizing Whatsapp’s messaging solution, your customers can seamlessly connect with your business just like they do with their loved ones. With Whatsapp Business, you can establish secure connections with over 2 billion users across 180 countries, taking your business to new heights.

Easily send transitional notification, OTP, Informational messages & product update through whatsapp business api

Kindly enjoy the experience of reading and replying to your customer’s amiable message on their favored messaging platform, “WhatsApp”. It possesses the ability to trigger WhatsApp messages from the backend and can be smoothly incorporated into different CRM applications, mobile applications, web applications, or any external software. Through this functionality, you can effortlessly dispatch transactional notifications, OTP SMS, informative messages, and other messages related to product updates.

Send Whatsapp sms in more than 180 country

Whatsapp Marketing has completely transformed the way we communicate by offering a straightforward and convenient approach to connect with customers in more than 180 countries across the globe. With just one mobile number and account, it provides a hassle-free alternative to the traditional SMS services provided by telecom operators. These services often face challenges due to different local regulations and complexities in each country. In contrast, Whatsapp Marketing offers a simplified and cost-efficient messaging solution.

Customer self-Service whatsapp chat bot through whatsapp api

Generating a customer self-service ecosystem using WhatsApp Marketing is an uncomplicated endeavor. Within this framework, customers are directed by an automated bot that delivers automatic responses depending on the keywords they input. The bot stores these responses for each set of keywords, enabling it to provide appropriate replies to the customers. Presently, numerous enterprises, including pizza companies for order placement, banks for checking account balances and mini statements, and gas booking companies, make use of these options.